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Thursday, 14 May 2015

MIUI V6 5.5.1 Android 4.4.2 Kitkat based Custom ROM for Xolo Q800/Fly IQ446

If you are bored with your Xolo Q800 and it's age old Android 4.2.1 Jellybean OS, It's high time now to give your old phone a whole new look with the best available ROM for your phone, so let's begin!

MIUI V6 5.5.1 Android 4.4.2 Kitkat based Custom ROM for Xolo Q800/Fly IQ446:


>pure kitkat base miui v6 
>brilliant display and visuals.
>only single sim is 3g supported( Xolo q800 hardware supports 3g on sim 1 only)
>lag free 
>bug free
>latest kernel 
>good cam quality 
>good ram management 
>good battery backup 
>nice interface 
>nice icon look 
>it has inbuilt viper 
>both cameras work perfectly
>MIUI email works
>All features of MIUI 6 works
>The phone memory and SD card shows up correctly


>Proximity sensor is sometimes too sensitive.( You can correct this by cleaning the proximity sensor located beside your earpiece on top, when you get too frequent screen flashing while calling. You can also turn off the proximity sensor while on call and manually turn the screen on and off by pressing the power button. However cleaning the sensor has totally fixed that problem for me. Now proximity sensor is working fine for me.)

I have encountered no other bug so far. If you detect another bug please post it as a comment.

Download MIUI V6 Latest ROM( 5.5.1) for XOLO Q800 or IQ 446:


Method 1:( If you already have a version of MIUI 6 ROM installed on your XOLO Q800)

1. Download the zip file and put it in your SD Card.
2. Go to MIUI 6 updates and tap the 3 dots button on the upper right corner.
3. Select the option to install from update package and navigate to the zip file in your SD card.
4. The phone will now restart in recovery mod and install this ROM automatically over your previous MIUI 6. You will NOT LOSE and data, Apps, savegames, etc that you had in your previous MIUI 6!
5. Enjoy!

Method 1:( If you have any other ROM installed on your XOLO Q800 or no custom ROM at all - stock version)

1. Flash a recovery like TWRP or CWM( I recommend TWRP). Ignore this step if you have TWRP recovery.

Click HERE for the easiest way to root your phone and flash TWRP.

2. Reboot the phone in recovery mode.( Switch of the phone and then hold the volume up button and lock button together until the teamwin Logo appears, to enter recovery mode.)

3. Tap on "wipe" and then wipe Dalik Cache, Cache, Data( Internal Storage) and System.

4. When wiping is done, return to TWRP home and press the install button.

5. Navigate to the downloaded zip file on your SD card and flash that.

6. When successfully done, reboot your system. 

All done! congrats! your XOLO Q800 is successfully running MIUI 6 latest version!

*Note that no kernel is to be flashed with this ROM. This ROM alredy has a good kernel. And also, please don't flash any other patch zip with this ROM.



credits: charan poturaju For Sharing this ROM.


  1. So is this dual sim supporting? And what about the cam quality? Cause kitkat roms have bad cam quality. Thanks for your time.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site! I haven't yet tried with 2 sims, and for the camera, it's true that Kitkat AOSP ROM has a bad cam quality compared to jellybean, but the cam in the MIUI doesn't have that issue. Believe me, out of all the ROMs available for Xolo Q800, MIUI 6 is the best choice until someone ports Cyanogenmod for this device. This is my opinion, you can download and use any ROM, but be carefull when flashing a custom ROM! always backup your current ROM, data and Dalvik cache to External SD card from recovery, before flashing a ROM, because if you mess up when flashing the new ROM, you can then simply wipe system, cache and dalvik cache, and restore the backup. Your device will be exactly the way it was with your last working ROM, along with all your files, settings and contacts intact, and prevent your phone from getting bricked!

    1. Ah, thanks for the info! Actually, right now I'm using miui v5 4.8.30 on my xolo q800. The ram usage is on the high side, but I don't really care as the phone runs fluidly. I was thinking of giving this a try to compare both the previous v5 version and this one. Thanks for the clarification on the camera bit. And please let me know if you try two sims on it, as I need a rom that's dual sim supporting and a lot of kitkat roms have single sim option. Was considering this before all the options , just thinking about the dual sim issue. If its dual sim supporting, then I'll install it right away! Thanks for the reply.

  3. So,no need for flashing any kernels?

  4. Does weekly ota updates work? Does this ROM support xposed module?

  5. How you have available 2.29GB Internal memory out of 4GB ? How you free them? Please tell us the tricks. so we can free some space from internal memory.

    Thank you

  6. the rom is not rooted .if i try to open viper it shows there in not root permission.
    thanks in advance

  7. after flashing miui rom using above steps, my xolo Q800 gives the following error:
    Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped.

  8. Sim card not detected. Any idea how can I fix this?

  9. There are some bugs in this Rom. First one is that, this ROM is not rooted thats y superUser is not there. second one is when i am trying to call the screen starts blinking...i dont know how to fix.if anybody knows tell me the solution plzz.. thanks in advance.

    1. go to call settings and disable proximity sensor

  10. Hi,

    I did install custom rom. But upon boot, I am getting "com.andriod.core" stopped working, can you let me know how can I resolve the issue?

  11. Is there a miui file for xolo prime

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