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Monday, 25 July 2016

How to watch 360 VR Videos on a phone without Gyroscope sensor

I happened to come across some pretty cool 360 degree Virtual Reality( VR) videos on a Friend's device with a Google Cardboard VR headset, and then I thought that I should get one for me as well.

While opening YouTube to watch some VR videos I realized that my device, ASUS Zenfone Max, doesn't have a gyro sensor or gyroscope, which is the hardware required to see around to experience the 360 degree view. My phone doesn't support YouTube in VR and also, the Google Cardboard App is not available for this device.

I was very disappointed with this, I was hoping to see VR videos for a long time and now it doen't have a gyroscope, but I figured out how to view VR stuff without a gyroscope, but for that, your device must have a magnetic compass sensor, and luckily my device had that. 

Follow these instructions to see whether your phone has a gyroscope, and if it doesn't, then how to see VR videos with your compass sensor:

1. Download the Sensor Box App for Android from Play Store, it's free. and check if your device has a Gyroscope or Gyroscope sensor, if not, see whether it has a magnetic sensor. If your phone has the Gyroscope sensor, it should play VR videos normally from youtube and should be able to download the Google Cardboard app from Play Store.

Sensor Box App

2. If your phone doesn't have the gyroscope sensor, but has a compass or a magnetic sensor, then Download the app VR Player from Play Store. There is a Free version of the App, and an Ad-free Pro version of the app for $ 2.

3. Open the VR Player App and from the drop down menu on the upper right corner of the screen, go to settings, Advanced, then in the Orientation Provider, choose the option "Android Rotation Vector".

4. Now you can see that you can move around your device and see the results, even without the gyroscope sensor. From the drop down menu, you can either open any 360 degree video, if you have any on your device, You can also stream 360 degree VR videos from YouTube, to do that:

Open the YouTube video in any browser in your phone, and then copy the link URL.

Open the VR Player and from the menu, choose "Open URL", then paste the URL there and you should be able to watch the video.

5. Once you open any video, either from file or streaming, if it's a 360 degree video, then choose the option "Sphere" from the icon beside the VR Cardboard icon, it is rectangle by default.

The 360 view without VR( Streaming from YouTube)

Now you can enjoy VR videos and can even stream them without having to have a Gyroscope sensor. When comparing the results with a friend's phone, Oneplus One, which has the Gyroscope sensor and can play VR normally from YouTube, I found that there is no significant difference when you look around, even without the Gyroscope sensor. Now have fun and Enjoy VR videos even without the Gyroscope sensor!


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