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Friday, 29 April 2016

Tom Clancy's The Division DELTA Error 20001004 Fix and server delay fix

One of my most anticipated games of these year, Tom Clancy's The Division, came out last month and The game felt really good. The map was well designed and the Gameplay and performance was also good. 

This game is an online-only game and so doesn't feature any loading screen or separate application fr it's online PvP mode, which is located within the normal map itself, and is called the Dark Zone. This is a new thing that Ubisoft has tried, but every experiment doesn't always yield only good results. The Division, despite of being a good and well-optimized game, also has a lot of problems, the major two problems being the Hackers and Cheaters, who render it impossible for legit gamers to have a smooth PvP experience, and second, is the Server issues, Mainly the Errors named DELTA, MIKE and ROMEO coming with a code number, followed by a text: "The Division services are not available at this time. Please try again later.".

The most commonly faced server issue is the DELTA issue, the DELTA 20010186 being the most common, and this code indicates that the game is not being able to access the server properly. However, me and a few of my friends faced another DELTA issue, which is not commonly mentioned in the internet, the DELTA 20001004 error.

This delta issue is generally followed by a server delay. For example, I am shooting some rikers but they are not getting any damage, the damage appears after 5 or 6 seconds, I throw a grenade, nothing happens, it explodes after 5-6 seconds and then NPC enemies starts to pop out and pop in again, then after sometime with this issue, the DELTA error appears.

While most common way of troubleshooting and fixing the DELTA errors is by following these steps officially mentioned by Ubisoft, and if they didn't help with this specific DELTA issue, DELTA 20001004, try the upcoming methods. According to Ubisoft, this code signifies an error in the player character, and they told me a fix which is working, and I haven't got this issue lately. 

The DELTA 20001004 fix is as follows:

1) Instead of logging into your typical character, create a new character, starting a new game.
2) Log into that character for a bit, then log out of the game (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One, G on PC)
3) Log back in to your main character.

While the origins of the issue is still unclear, the above steps have seemed to fix this DELTA error and server delay. If you have any further issues, or this problem persists, go to My Documents/My Games folder, then delete the folder Tom Clancy's The Division, then start the game. Hopefully this step will fix all of your problems. If you have faced the same error while playing, follow these steps and let me know in the comments whether they worked for you or not! Stay tuned for more Updates and fixes.

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