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Monday, 23 November 2015

Fallout 4 PC Help defend settlement bug Fix

We all give a significant part of our time daily to fallout 4. It is a great game, but you know, great games come with great bugs.

There's a very common and dangerous bug out there. The bug is that when you are playing, a message onscreen will appear telling to defend a particular settlement( the castle in my case) although the minuteman radio of the Freedom Radio won't say anything about it. So you first travel to save the settlement and see that it's been attacked by synths. 
Naturally you destroy the synths and people of the settlement thank you, happy endings right? but that's not the case with many players. Even after killing the bots, when you fast travel again to another location, it will say Failed: Defend settlement, and you hurry back to that settlement to see that a large number of things you built are in ruins, and you have to spend valuable resources to repair them, or after completing, if u stay there to wait for a success message, another settler would suddenly turn rogue and start attacking you, when you kill him or her, that one should have a synth part, and the mission will still fail.

The solution to this problem is( this worked for me very well) that after killing the synths, immediately look at one of the dead synths and press the " ` " key, or the key just above the Tab key of your keyboard. This should bring up a console. Then click on the synth you are looking at and an Id code will generate on the top of the screen. Then simple type "resurrect" (without inverted commas) and it will bring that dead one back to life. Then again kill it. This time, you will receive a message saying Completed: Defend Castle (or whatever settlement in your case) and the people will thank you again. Now you can fast travel anywhere and do whatever you like without any problem to that settlement!

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  1. Killed the synth trying to infiltrate my settlement multiple times and still have the damn quest

    1. Ok, please talk to a person of that settlement who would thank you for defending it and it should complete the mission. If not, search the surrounding areas of the base and see that if any more synths or enemies are present. If present, kill them. Killing ALL enemies in and near the settlement completes the mission, if it is not completed by the resurrect command. I hope that helps. Please let us know if that helps.