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Friday, 5 June 2015

Daredevil Mod For GTA 5 PC

Now be the Daredevil in GTA V!

**The Daredevil Mod**

By Sayak96.

Please don't reupload this mod anywhere!

Version: 1.0


>Marvel Daredevil Suit and Headgear.
>Daredevil's mask can be put on and off.

Make backup of your "player_one" given below, by extracting it from OpenIV into a convinient location folder before starting( In case anything messes up, 
which I hope will not :-)). 

1.Launch OpenIV and select "Edit Mode".

2.Navigate to: x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_two 

3.Once there, Drag and drop all three files provided in the "Files" folder here, to the OpenIV window. 

5. Finish and launch GTA V and Enjoy!

Play as Daredevil with Trevor!! 

To use this mod properly, You must have completed the game's storyline( or you can just use my story completed save file provided here, load this save
only to play this mod and other mods, and keep your saves too simultaneously). Now to to the wardrobe, In the outfits section, select and wear the Scuba Land outfit. 

To use the Headgear: Head to the Bob Mul├ęt salon in Rockford Hills with Trevor and get the "Clean Cut" hairstyle to get the Daredevil red Mask, apply any other haircut
to Disable the Mask! 

To use Daredevil's rope and grappling hook, to swing on buildings, grab cars and tie people to cars from a distance and for optimal experience as the 
Daredevil, please download and Install The Grappling Hook Mod by JulioNIB( link given below in NOTES section.)

Any problem or suggestions? I will try to add them in future updates to this mod!



Grappling Hook Mod: https://gta5base.com/mod/CqnEX

(Please DO NOT reupload this Grappling hook mod anywhere and DO NOT share this above link for the mod! This link is given to me by the Grappling Hook Mod creator
JulioNIB and please don't use this link directly! If you want to share this hook mod anywhere, please visit his website: www.gtaxscripting.blogspot.com and 
follow instructions.)

Download OpenIV: http://openiv.com/

Thank You for Visiting!!

Do Not upload this mod anywhere. If you want to share this mod, visit the download page again and click on Promote button below the download button.
You can show this mod in youtube or anywhere else but don't forget to mention my name and website along with it!

Please visit my website or Facebook page to see more mods and updates from me!


JulioNIB, for providing me permission and link to his Grappling Hook Mod.


If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description: 


Screenshots and Video:

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