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Friday, 21 October 2016

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Camera Performance and Tips

I have recently purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 32 GB Variant with the Snapdragon 650 CPU by Qualcomm and 3 GB Dual Channel RAM.

I must say that the phone really gives a bang for the buck at Rs.10,999 ( Apprx. 164 USD), and you can't expect more at this price range. When using a phone, out of the things I use quite often, is the Camera. Now, I can't say that Xiaomi has done an excellent job with the camera that claims to be 16 MegaPixels, but the camera is a decent one. I have often heard that the Camera of Redmi Note 3 doesn't perform well under low light conditions and indoors, but I wanted to change that conception, and I succeeded, to some extent.

The Camera application in the Redmi Note 3 has many features, but lacks a solid manual mode, which is seen in other smartphones of the same range by other brands such as  ASUS and Moto. You can use third party applications like the Camera FV-5 to get more out of your camera and set things manually, but you can still get decent shots by tweaking the whte balance and the CMOS sensitivity( ISO) that is in the Manual mode of the inbuilt Camera app. Here I would like to mention that the more you increase ISO, the image gets more light, but gets grainy as well, as it increases the sensitivity. The Auto mode tends to set a very high ISO when shooting at night, making the image grainy, so you can avoid it in the manual mode. You can also use the HDR  or the High Dynamic Range when not using flash, to get images that have a good Dynamic Range, but keep in mind that here, HDR images take quite some time to process, and may get shaky at times, if you are using the camera for the first time, and this phone's camera does not have an Optical Image stabilization. The Camera FV-5 can reduce the time of HDR shots, as it processes the image after capturing it, and thus, takes images in an instant, and also compensates for some of the shaky movements digitally.

Down Below, are some images captured by the Redmi Note 3 Camera. The images are not tweaked or processed by any means after taking them from the gallery.

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