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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Choosing the Right Ending in Fallout 4 and The Best Ending according to me

Since its release and even from before that, Fallout 4, the latest entry in the Famous Post Apocalyptic RPG Fallout series by Bethesda Softworks, is a great success and has taken hours of times from daily lives of many. The game portrays not only a good gameplay, a rich RPG experience, good graphics, Stunning dialogues, a huge map, great companions, cute creatures and beautiful scenery, a few annoying bugs, but also a great story line. It is always desired that a good story be come with a matching ending. By now all of us know that Fallout 4 provides different endings according to the decision of the Sole Survivor( The Player Character), and none of them are so called "Happy endings" which are desired normally, but The right ending can make things up a lot and One can quit the game with peace. So, after going through all possible endings, in this article I intend to help everyone choose the proper ending by speaking about each one and also state which ending I felt proper and why.

SPOILERS AHEAD, please read the following lines if you've already completed the game and felt that a better ending would have been possible, or you are playing the game and want the proper ending, or if you don't care about spoilers.

After quite a few hours into fallout four, we are introduced to the Major Factions that you can join, namely, The Minutemen, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad and The Institute, although the Institute comes in after a long time into the game and going through several odd missions to get in that mysterious place. There are four endings in the game depending upon which faction you prefer, but you CANNOT in any way keep all four factions running at the end of the game, maybe how much charisma you have, you can't settle among them. Any faction you prefer, another faction will stay and two other will be DESTROYED completely, only excluding the Minutemen, as they stay in all endings, regardless of what faction you support.

Unlike all other games, where killing people and the evil are only numbers, and you don't basically care when putting a bullet in someone or smashing up someone's head with a teddy bear, but Bethesda really did a different thing in Fallout 4. By the end, you get to know all the major factions and also most likely, spend time with the people of those factions, making some of them your companion as well. Suddenly when you realize that you have to take arms against a person who were probably your good friend in the game or a person you liked, but you have to kill them just for clash of views and ideals, it makes really hard to pull the trigger. That's how I felt when killing Paladin Danse for the Institute and Minutemen, and Deacon for the Institute and the Brotherhood. They both were so nice to me and it is them who vouched for me and made my place in their Factions. I paused the game, drank some water and pulled the trigger.

So, here are details of all factions, their motto's, each one's endings and impact on the player character:

1. Minutemen:
 The Minutemen are somewhat like the Police in the commonwealth. Their motto is to

                           "Protect settlers at a minute's notice" they have a radio station that plays classical violin music and also broadcasts if any settlement is under attack. The Minutemen faction is considered mostly neutral, as no other faction seems to have an issue with them throughout the game.

                          To side with the Minutemen, you must establish eight settlements throughout the Commonwealth. Preston Garvey will offer intel to help guide you in the right direction. Once the settlements are built, the Minutemen suddenly feel the need to wipe out the Brotherhood of Steel by destroying the Prydwen airship. This came as a bit of a surprise, considering the Minutemen ultimately desire peace for the people of the Commonwealth, even if they are mutants and ghouls, and attacking the Brotherhood seems a bit too warlike for this faction, given that they are mostly peaceful and the Brotherhood are too well equipped to fight.

Preston Garvey of the Minutemen

Ending with the Minutemen:

Factions Allied: Railroad

Factions Destroyed: Brotherhood of Steel, Institute

Siding with the Minutemen leads to a planned attack on the Prydwen airship, shooting it down with artillery from multiple directions. Though the Prydwen gets destroyed, the Brotherhood of Steel refuses to go down without a fight, owing to their weird medieval nature. As the Prydwen falls, several hostile Vertibird gunships assault the Castle. You must take up arms with your fellow Minutemen to defeat what remains of the Brotherhood once and for all. 

Once the Brotherhood of Steel is defeated, the Minutemen focus their attention on destroying the Institute. This involves betraying Father and planting a charge on a nuclear reactor that powers the Institute that will destroy the Institute from the inside. Since the Minutemen become allied with the Railroad faction, several Synths are recovered from the Institute in the process. Afterward, the Railroad quests remain available, and the Commonwealth is free to settle their communities peacefully. Although this doesn’t seem to be a very ‘neutral’ way to go about these events, siding with the Minutemen may nevertheless be the easiest ending to achieve, and the commonwealth carries on in the same unorganized manner.

2. Brotherhood Of Steel: They are zealous knight like people with weird old fashioned etiquette and                                             ideals, who will destroy anything to get their hands on pre-war technology to save everyone human, destroying almost all post war creatures like ghouls molerats, supermutants,etc. If you side with them, you’ll be providing some serious firepower and protection for the citizens of the Commonwealth( but most of the time they keep their things in their pleasure only on their floating fortress), but you’ll also be siding with a group who believe genocide is okay and are ready to take up arms anytime.

Brotherhood soldiers with Elder Maxson in the Prydwen command cabin

Ending with the Brotherhood Of Steel:

Factions Allied: Minutemen

Factions Destroyed: Railroad, Institute                          

This ending is a long road, where you’ll need to take the holotape to the Brotherhood of Steel. You’ll rebuild Liberty Prime, a giant robot resembling the Iron Giant from the 90s cartoon, originally made by the pre war United States army to destroy the communists, but was never completed due to a power problem, and in doing so you’ll need to build a few parts, then you’ll need to reclaim some weapons for it, after which you’ll attack Mass Fusion (be sure to bring lots of radioactive protection), and then finally assault the Institute after destroying the Railroad.

You can engage the Brotherhood ending by either returning the holotape to them, or following the Institutes quests, betray the Institute and tell the Brotherhood about the Mass Fusion plant that would be providing the Institute power forever. If you want to avoid building the parts for Liberty Prime, simply complete the Institute quests. You then have to open attack on the Institute, destroying such a wonderful place( BoS dudes, if you are so obsessed with technology, why destroy the place and kill all innocent scientists, engineers and doctors? capture the place instead! But sadly, can't happen, a game after all) and nuking down half of Boston( again).

As a reward for doing all of the quests, you’ll find out Paladin Danse is a synth and have the option of him joining you or not. You will also be given the rank "Sentinel" by Elder Maxson and recieve a jetpack upgrade for your power armor.

Nuking down the Institute HQ along with Half of Boston from the Prydwen

3. The Railroad: They somehow believe that controlling what are pretty much Androids with near                                   free-will and sentient behavior to be slavery. Siding with them, you’ll be helping to abolish the two apparently greatest threats to the Commonwealth both of which are really cool, but at the same time you’ll also be helping radicals who don’t really care that much about Human lives, but instead their own mandate to save Synths, which I personally find totally useless and their ideal sounds total crap to me. Come on, after all the synths are robots only, you reprogram them and all emotions, free - will gone!

Railroad HQ with their leader, Desmonda 

Ending with the Railroad:

Factions Allied: Minutemen

Factions Destroyed: Brotherhood of Steel, Institute

The Railroad wants to destroy anyone and anything controlling the Synths( sounds total crazy and useless to me). You’ll infiltrate the Institute, defend their headquarters, destroy the Brotherhood of Steel( seriously, why?), and finally finish off the Institute, killing innocent genius scientists, doctors and engineers, the last hope to rebuild Commonwealth as it was normal, and killing a lot of synths( wow). The end is similar to the Minutemen ending, with the Synths able to live freely and no one to control them, but the Railroad is sort of twisted in their desires.( fighting for freedom of machines? man, they are really messed up)

This ending requires you to NEVER get on the Institutes bad side before “Underground Undercover” which, if you do, then the ending is then shutoff from you, and you cannot return to the Institute.

4. The Institute:  They are formed from the remnants of the pre-war Commonwealth Institute of                                      Technology, C.I.T( in game version of the famous M.I.T). Already beyond Enclave levels of technology, they are Humanities last hope of restoring the Earth to what it was before, however, they are totally fine with the slavery of near-Human Synths( sounds OK to me). They do show much remorse for attacking others, but again, they’re totally cool with the slavery thing. The moment I stepped inside the Institute, I felt so happy! The place looks totally like what would the future be if the Great Nuclear War had not taken place. A beautiful, organized, futuristic place with cool rooms, scientists, doctors, engineers and well behaved synths and above all, your lost son, Shaun, here known as "Father", the director of the Institute. The place maintains cleanliness, hygiene and aesthetics. Whenever there, I feel that the War never took place, and everything's normal. 

The Institute HQ, just look at this place

Ending with the Institute: 

Allied Factions: Minutemen

Factions Destroyed: Railroad, Brotherhood of Steel

This ending is rather short, you simply follow all the quests from Father. You’ll recover some synths, take out the railroad, and then destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. Following this end, the Institute will have all the power they need to control humanity’s fate and the Synths will remain under their control.

You can betray the Brotherhood of Steel and flee to the Institute whenever they prepare to attack Mass Fusion.

That’s all of the endings for Fallout 4. There are no slides and nothing else – every other story has its own ending, you’re free to explore the world afterward. If you sided with the Institute, they’ll remain a travel destination, and you’ll be able to complete the side quests for any remaining faction that you don’t destroy.( The Minutemen, chiefly)

No matter what ending you choose, Father will die. There is no changing that. The cutscene will remain the same, with only one difference, the Institute cutscene showing the hospital bed, the others show the blast.

After this ending, you will now be able to relay synths on your position for support and above all, you become the Director of the Institute! Father, knowing of his very limited time ahead, makes you the Director, seeing your capabilities as a leader and strong will.

My Preferred Ending after playing all: The Institute Ending

Reasons to choose the Institute:

From the day I stepped into post apocalyptic commonwealth, I had only one desperate wish, to restore commonwealth as it was before, a thriving land, full of life and people. Whenever I walk among ruined buildings and factories, I create a picture in mind that what would happen if there was no war, i wanted everything to be normal again, and after a lot of research and thinking, I found that it was only the Institute, who had potential to make everything normal once again and give the place the future it truly deserved.

Here are some points for the Institute:

1. The Brotherhood of Steel also seems to be like normal army and may show some potential to rebuild the world, but they are selfish, and most of all, not open minded. They can't utilize technology and resources for the good of the people and have weird views on the world and crazy out of the time ideals. Also you have NO command over their overall actions.
I am not going into Railroad because they do not much care to rebuilding or protecting people and i don't like them a bit personally.

2. The Institute have the most advanced technology and have teleportation. The place itself is an example of how the future would be if the war had not taken place. With the advanced technology ad brilliant and genius minds, they truly have the potential to restore the commonwealth as it would be without the war. Anyone can be a soldier, but these are scientists, doctors and engineers, who can do the thing, create new possibilities, and with the genius minds, the commonwealth will once again be well educated and a proper society could be formed.

3. The Faction properly uses machines, like the synths and also have fail safe for them. The synths could be used to clean up, protect and rebuild the wasteland to a proper civilization once again while the people down there can plan for the revival in peace. You also have the Minutemen by your side to continue protecting the settlers and supporting you. The place has a directorate and functions like a true normal organization.

4. The institute with their technology can develop large scale water purifiers, food processors power supply etc to rebuild modern world. Also, the Institute has preserved pre-war crops and clean genes which would help make pre war normal plants and animals once again.

5. Last of all and BEST of all, YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR of the Institute. now( although not possible in game) you could drive the Institute in a better way, what you have been planning. You could use the Institute's potential to once again rebuild the wasteland to a prospering and thriving cool looking place!

Player Character, on the Director's seat in the Institute conference room with the HQ in background.

Do you agree with my opinion? What according to you, is the best ending in Fallout 4? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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